This parking facility is near the city center, lake Vesijärvi and all the sport events and is our newest parking facility. P-Kartano is located on Kartanonkatu 6. How does it work? Check the video below.

Thanks to its central location, the facility serves residents and visitors alike.

Companies and private customers can rent contract parking spaces in the facility.

The fee for a contract parking space is 100 € per month.

SPECIAL OFFER! By purchasing a full year with a single payment, you pay only 720 €, which is only 60 € in a month! Visit our office and get your parking space.

More detailed instructions for reserving a space can be found on Moovy’s website


Spaces: 440

Entrance:Kartanonkatu 6

Max. vehicle height: 2.3 m

Open: 24/7

Instructions: Accepted payment methods are the Moovy and ParkMan apps and all the most commonly used debit and credit cards. Watch the video below.

Other information: The parking facility does not use barriers or parking tickets. In August 2023, P-Kartano was equipped with 22 AC chargers and four DC chargers for electric vehicles.

Price list

Short-term parking

30 min1 €

1 h2 €

2 h 4 €

3 h 6 €

next hours2 € / h

8 h16 €

24 h16 €

Parking fees can be paid via a parking app, with a card at a payment machine at staircase A (floor -1), or online within 48 hours of departure. Further information: moovy.fi/maksa

Contract parking

1 month100 €

Contract parking at single payment for a year

1 year720 €

Temporary weekly benefits

7 days31 €

14 days49 €

21 days62 €

30 days100 €

You can buy a temporary parking benefits also for one, two, three or four weeks. The benefit can be bought at our office on working days from 10 am to 4 pm.
In that case we also recommend you to download the Moovy app to your phone in advance, but it’s not mandatory.

SPECIAL OFFER! By purchasing a full year with a single payment, you pay only 720 €, which is only 60 € in a month! Visit our office and get your parking space.

Contract parking

In matters related to contracts, click Moovy 
Contract parking can be ordered from the Shop section in the Moovy app. Note, that the contract will take effect at the time of order and will be valid indefinitely.
After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you will select the registration number used in contract parking and the payment card the contract will be charged to.
110 € / month

Payment methods

  • The payment machines accept the most commonly used debit and credit cards (contactless payment and chip cards)

Additional information

The parking facility’s façades are made of wood, climbing plant frames and colour-washed concrete. The wooden section of the façade consists of a moiré pattern designed by artist Pauli Ahopelto and it is illuminated at night. Behind the climbing plant frame, there is a system wall, which is highlighted with accent lighting. The concrete façades are decorated with the relief technique and colour-washing.
The multistorey car park houses 440 parking spaces on 7 levels, two stairwells with lifts, and a green roof with solar panels. The solar power station consists of 140 solar panels, and its maximum capacity is 58 kW. The solar panels generate all the energy required by the car park, except for the electricity consumed by the electric vehicle chargers.

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