Here you can find instructions for using the parking facility and answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I use the parking facility?

  1. Drive into the parking facility. If you are driving a larger vehicle, make sure that your vehicle does not exceed the maximum height.
  2. at P-Tori: take a parking ticket from the machine at the entrance barrier to open the barrier.
  3. Drive in and find a suitable space.
  4. Take the parking ticket with you.
  5. Pay the parking fee at a payment machine before returning to your car.
  6. After payment, you have 15 minutes to exit the parking facility.
  7. Insert the paid parking ticket into the machine at the exit barrier to open the barrier.
  8. Drive out.

How do I use the payment machine to pay my parking fee?

  1. P-Tori and P-Matka: insert the parking ticket in the machine.
  2. The amount to be paid is displayed on the screen.
  3. Pay with coins and notes or a debit/credit card.
  4. The machine returns your ticket and any change.
  5. Press the receipt button to get a receipt for your payment.

A season card or a value card?

Season card

Our season card for P-Tori is valid for 30 days and gives users the right to park their car round the clock. The card must be bought from a service point in advance. The validity of the season card can be extended at the payment machines on weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm or by contacting our customer service. To ensure the proper functioning of the card, it must be presented to the machine on entering and leaving the facility.

Cash card

is a reloadable parking payment card.

Value card

is worth a set amount of money, and it can be used at the payment machines to make payments up to the sum loaded on it.

Frequently asked questions

How can I collect my car from the parking facility outside opening hours?

P-Tori: The parking ticket you received at the entrance barrier will open the doors to the parking facility after closing time.

Can I enter P-Siltapuisto very early in the morning or late at night?

P-Siltapuisto opens at 7 am, but contract parking customers can use the facility 24/7.
You can find out more about contract parking by emailing or Moovy in english

How do I use Toriparkki when I have downloaded the EasyPark app?

Drive into the car park; the barrier opens automatically. You do not have to take a parking ticket from the machine. You can get back into the car park by displaying your QR code at the entrance door. When you drive out, the exit barrier opens automatically.

How do I get back to my car at Toriparkki if I use EasyPark but the instructions tell me to take my parking ticket with me?

Visitors with an app can use the QR code to open the door. More detailed instructions for opening the door are displayed at the entrance door.

Toriparkki’s barrier opened automatically but I took a parking ticket at the barrier just in case. What should I have done?

The barrier was opened by the EasyPark app and the EasyPark parking fee was initiated. If you use EasyPark, do not take a parking ticket at the barrier.

I paid for my parking with the parking ticket but noticed at home that EasyPark had also charged me.

Contact EasyPark so they can reimburse you for the double payment.

tel: +358 9 4245 2020
Mon–Fri 7 am–9 pm
Sat 9 am–6 pm
Sun 12 noon–6 pm

Is it possible for a private customer or a company to have a long-term parking space in the parking facility and what does it cost?

Yes, it is possible. Our price list and contract parking instructions can be found on each parking facility’s website.

Can I drive into the car park with a microcar or a motorbike?

If you have contract parking agreement, you can use P-Kartano, P-Silta or P-Hansa. Otherwise it’s forbidden.

Can I enter the car park with a vehicle and trailer combination?

Vehicle combinations are not permitted in the multistorey car parks.

How much does it cost to park my car at the Radanpää parking area if I enter at 2.40 pm and collect it two days later at 12.35 pm?

You will be charged a parking fee for two days, totalling 12 euros.

Where can I find a price list for a parking facility?

Price lists are available on each facility’s website.

I was given an unfair parking fine; what should I do?

You can contact the City of Lahti’s parking control here.

Street address
Lahti Palvelutori Service Centre, Lahti-Piste,
Shopping centre Trio, 2nd floor

tel: +358 3 814 2379

Why have I been charged €4 for parking at Toriparkki, even though the price list says €2?

The parking fee is charged at the start of each hour.

I want to cancel my contract parking card.

If you cancel your contract, it will terminate at the end of the following month. For example, if you cancel your contract on 7 June, it will terminate on 31 July.

Cancel your contract in writing by emailing

How can I get a VAT receipt for parking?

The receipt given by the payment machines display VAT, and for payments made at the office (Hämeenkatu 26 B, Lahti) you can request a receipt with VAT.

The payment machine or the barrier says that my parking ticket is illegible; what happened?

The ticket has come into contact with something magnetic (for example a phone) and the information on it was lost. Please contact the control room by pressing the payment machine’s ‘customer service’ button. The control room will print a new ticket for you.

Can a visitor with a disabled parking permit park free of charge in the parking facilities?

There is no special pricing for parking with a disabled parking permit, and a parking fee is charged in accordance with the price list.

If I have downloaded more than one parking app (EasyPark, Moovy, ParkMan, eParking), will all of them charge me when I park my car?

You can select the app you want to use by enabling the camera recognition feature in that app. If this feature is enabled in more than one app, only the app you used last will charge you.

How does the parking app Moovy work?
How does the parking app eParking work?
How does the parking app EasyPark work?
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