Contract parking at P-Sairaala

Application for a parking space

This form is used to express interest in renting a parking space, i.e. gaining the right to park at a particular Lahden Pysäköinti (lessor) parking facility.

The contract enters into force when Lahden Pysäköinti confirms the parking space requested by the lessee.

Note! In some cases, the lessee is placed on a waiting list if the requested parking facility is full.


Lahden Pysäköinti Ltd
Hämeenkatu 26 B
15140 LAHTI
Business ID: 0855202-9
Tel.: +358 44 340 4042 / +358 44 340 4043

Form for P-Sairaala

You will be sent a copy of the message by email.

    P3 outdoor car park €17 per month

    The prices include VAT (24%)

    The contract is valid until further notice from:

    Rental terms

    • Rent for the parking space must be paid quarterly in advance to Lahden Pysäköinti by the due date, unless otherwise agreed. Interest and a penalty fee are charged for late payments.
    • The lessor has the right to revise the rent when necessary.
    • Failure to pay the rent constitutes grounds for terminating the rental agreement.
    • A rental agreement does not grant the user rights to a specific parking space.
    • The lessee is given permit cards in accordance with the number of spaces rented, and these cards must be returned when the agreement is terminated.
    • Rules pertaining to parking:
      • car maintenance and repairs are prohibited.
      • the lessor is not liable for damage or harm to vehicles caused by third parties.
      • The parking facility’s guidelines must be complied with.
      • Parking takes place at the user’s own risk.
    •  If you cancel your contract by the 15th of the month, it will terminate at the end of the following month.